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Due to our high volume of shipments we now have an Exclusive Fedex Service for EZSellGold Customers Only! The FedEx DVX system!! We are the only Precious Metal refiner that offers FedEx Labels printed directly from our site and offer the DVX System as a special privilege.

What Is Fedex DVX?

EZSellGold has an exclusive agreement with FedEx Express to provide our customers with the best peace of mind in the online gold buying industry.

When you're shipping high-value items, you need expert shipping. That's why we now have exclusivity with FedEx Declared Value Exception. This service allows customers to declare a value of up to $50,000 on special items such as jewelry, diamonds and precious metals (normally limited to $500 on most FedEx Express® packages).

The FedEx DVX system combines state-of-the-art security and tracking capabilities to provide the safest and fastest service to EZSellGold customers. Its Insight tracking system, for example, can track a package in real time from the moment it leaves your hands to the moment it arrives at its processing center, so that every stop along the way, FedEx knows exactly where it is.

  1. Fill out the convenient form, this automatically sends a Request for a FedEx Airbill that you can print on your computer. Additionally we will enclose a 'Packing Slip' to protect yourself with a record of what you are sending to us. Keep one copy and send one along with the package you are shipping.
  2. Drop off your package at any of the more than 1,300 U.S. FedEx/Kinko's locations or schedule a package pickup. The package must be scanned for your safety and provides free insurance with every package you send.
  3. Once your package is in the FedEx system, it is tracked by our staff and we will notify you when your package has been received in our secure facility. By 10:30 the next morning you will get a confirming email that your gold and jewelry is safely in our hands.
  4. From the moment your package is received, it is video recorded as to the condition the package was signed for, then it is carefully opened, your pieces counted, tested whether it is 10, 14 or 18Kt gold, and then finally weighed. This whole process is recorded to give you the confidence that your package has never been tampered with and that you will be paid exactly the cash you deserve! That is the EZSellGold way!
  5. You have several choices of how you can receive your cash. Most customers prefer that we send a business check; however, we offer a PayPal transaction to your account, wire transfer or any manner that is best for you. Our goal is for you to get your cash as quickly as you need it.

People are taking their old, unwanted or broken jewelry and making a lot of cash by selling items that have been lying around collecting dust. Now is the time to search through your home, old jewelry boxes or anywhere in your house or office for anything that contains gold, platinum and diamonds. You can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The goal of is to provide you with the highest cash price for your gold! We buy all types of gold jewelry, from necklaces, rings, watches, earrings and cufflinks. It doesn't matter how old or the condition it's in, send it to us free today for an expert evaluation. And within 24 hours you can have more cash in your hands!