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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to many of your questions here. Click on a question to see the answer.

  1. What will you buy?
  2. We buy all gold, platinum, loose diamonds, fine watches and pearls.

    • Gold coins and medals
    • Gold necklaces, charms, lockets
    • 10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k, 24k
    • Gold watches
    • Gold bracelets
    • Gold Pins/Brooches/ gold cufflinks
    • Class Rings, cocktail rings, wedding bands, cluster rings
    • Bent, scrap or broken jewelry
    • Gold earrings
    • Gold dental crowns and bridgework
    • Gold bars
    • Gold ingots
    • Melted gold
    • Gold wire
    • Gold sheet
    • Casting gold and grain
    • Gold nuggets
    • Gold solder
    • Gold sizing stock
    • Gold alloys
    • Gold screen and mesh
    • Gold bullion
    • Placer gold
    • Gold sponge
    • Gold shot
    • Gold findings
    • Gold flake
    • Flatware
    • Platinum
    • Pearls (9mm and up)
  3. What will you NOT buy?
    • Stolen items
    • Costume jewelry
    • Non precious metals
    • Gold Plate
    • Plastic
    • Stainless Steel
  4. How much will you pay me?
  5. The payment we issue is different for each package, depending on the contents. Prices are based on weight, purity, market price and volume; the higher the gold content, the higher the value. Purity represents the actual precious metal content of the items being assayed, weight is calculated using the Troy system made up of Troy ounces and Troy pennyweights which are 1/20 of a Troy ounce, market price is established by the London PM fix on the day we receive your shipment and the volume level is determined by the total weight of your complete shipment. In the many years we’ve been in business, the vast majority of our customers have been happy with our payments.

  6. How do I use EZ Sell Gold?
  7. The process is simple, fill out a request for a Gold Safe online or call us at 1-800-601-6852 to order your Gold Safe.

    Your package will arrive at the address you have provided in a standard business envelope. It includes three components:

    • A thick (6mil) polymer bag to safely hold your precious metal
    • A receipt form that should be filled out and mailed with your precious metal
    • An envelope in which you can mail the receipt form and bag

    All you need to do is fill out the form, put your items in the bag, put the form and bag in the envelope and put it in the mail. Postage and insurance* are prepaid by us.

  8. Is it free to ship to EZ Sell Gold?
  9. Yes its 100% free.

  10. Is the package insured if it gets lost?
  11. Yes, each customer's package is insured while traveling through the US Mail and while in the custody of EZ Sell Gold. The insurance maximum per package is $100.00 as described in our Terms and Conditions.

    * If you believe your items are worth more than $100.00, we recommend that you insure your shipment for a greater amount at your own expense.

  12. What if I’m sending valuable or bulky items?
  13. Simply call our Customer Assistance number at 1-800-601-6852 and we’ll arrange an overnight courier for them.

    No matter what it is, we’ll help you get it to us.

  14. How do I know when you receive my package?
  15. We will be sending you an email to let you know your package has arrived.

  16. What do you mean by payment within eight hours?
  17. Sometimes there is a need for immediate cash therefore we have worked out a service that can turn your valuables in to cash in less than eight hours. Upon receiving your package, we will call you and quote you a price. If you accept our offer, we will issue you a check within eight hours – guaranteed.

    We have several payment options such as check, Western Union, bank wire or PayPal.

  18. What is the quickest way to get paid?
  19. We recommend PayPal as the fastest way to receive you money (within minutes). However, take note that PayPal charges a fee per transaction, which is deducted from the total amount.

  20. Can I use my own packaging?
  21. Yes. In fact this will speed up the process, because you will not have to wait for our packaging to arrive. We will reimburse this shipping and insurance cost at the time of purchase with every qualifying purchase.

  22. What if I'm not sure something is made of a precious metal?
  23. You can send us any items that look like they are made from a precious metal. Our staff will evaluate your items and pay accordingly. If the items are not made of precious metal, they will be computed as gold-filled material and yield fractional amounts, which you will also be paid for. Please do not include anything you know is costume or gold plated.

  24. Why should I sell to EZ Sell Gold?
  25. We are committed to offering the highest return for your precious gold and jewelry, along with the fastest possible payment on the web. We also offer safe and secure transaction options. Our highly experienced staff has been in the refining industry for over thirty years.

  26. What if I decide not to sell my items?
  27. If you decline to accept our offer to purchase at the time of quotation we will gladly return your items at our expense.

  28. How soon can I get the payment for my items?
  29. We offer eight hour payment by PayPal, bank wire, Western Union and overnight check. Fees apply for Overnight check, bank wires and Western Union.

  30. Does EZ Sell Gold buy my finer quality and antique jewelry and diamonds?
  31. Absolutely! Our Estate Jewelry Appraiser has over thirty years experience in jewelry valuation.

  32. Do I need to clean or repair my items before sending them?
  33. It is unnecessary to clean or repair anything you send to EZ Sell Gold. In fact cleaning United States coins should NEVER be done since such cleaning can ruin any numismatic value that the coin may have had before cleaning.

  34. Can I bring my items directly to EZ Sell Gold?
  35. Yes. We schedule personal appointments with one of our specialists to appraise and discuss the sale of your jewelry, scrap gold, as well as fine watches. Please call 1-800-601-6852 for a private appointment.

  36. How much jewelry and other items can I send?
  37. We will purchase any amount of gold, silver or platinum you wish to sell. If you believe your items are valued at over $1,000, please call for special insurance and shipping arrangements.

  38. How can I tell if my items are gold?
  39. The simplest way is to read the karat markings on each piece. Any one of these indicates that your jewelry is gold:

    • For 10 karat- 10k, 10kt, 417
    • For 14 karat- 14k, 14kt, 585
    • For 18 karat- 18k, 18kt, 750
    • For Platinum- 950PT, Platinum, 950PT 10%IR
    • For Silver - STERLING, 925, SILVER
    • 1/10 GF, 1/10 RGF and 1/20 GF, 1/20 RGF refers to gold filled and is not solid gold. Please do not send anything marked in this manner.
    • Vermeil refers to gold plated on Sterling Silver and will be valued as silver.
  40. Why should I sell my gold today?
  41. There has never been a better time to get rid of unwanted or broken gold jewelry. Gold prices are at an all time high.

  42. What happens to my gold after I’ve been paid?
  43. Once your check is cashed or electronic payment is issued, your gold will be melted. Then the precious metals will be reclaimed, refined and recycled.

  44. How do I know EZ Sell Gold is safe?
  45. We pride ourselves on our reputation spanning thirty years in the gold jewelry business. As part of our goal for transparency and our pledge of trustworthiness, we make a video of your package and its contents while being opened. Should there be any question regarding the accuracy of its contents you may request a copy of the video and we will review it with you.

  46. How can you assure the security and accuracy of my valuables sent?
  47. We take responsibility for your valuables very seriously. We log in all materials received with over twenty surveillance cameras. Every transfer of your lot’s contents requires a signature. Our security is tight because we want to ensure your peace of mind. Your lot is always monitored and is never left unattended. In fact, your lot never leaves our building.

    Prior to processing, lots are weighed to verify the weight. Once processed, your material gets re-weighed and recorded. Please keep in mind that by processing your material on premises, allows us to keep 100% accuracy on your valuable metals.

    Why do we go through such a complex series of checks and balances for every lot? Simply because quality and honesty are paramount, it is what our customers have come to expect and deserve. We are strong believers in building solid relationships.

    Trust and honesty are essential components of our business philosophy.

  48. How do I find out what karat my gold is?
  49. Look for Hallmarks: Hallmarks are stamped imprints on the jewelry that indicate Karat; they typically are stamped on the inside of rings and on inconspicuous surfaces, such as the clasps of chains or earring backs. A "GF" or "RGF" hallmark indicates gold-filled which is very low value.

Please note: If you want personalized assistance please email us, use live chat or call us toll free at 1-800-601-6852.

Do not send items of deep sentimental value as once the transaction is completed, the items will be destroyed.